About Us

We’re a premiere dispensary in Torrance, Santa Ana, and Moreno Valley California committed to serving our communiities and educating others about the benefits, effects, regulations and safe ways to use cannabis.

Core Values

Be Responsible
‍We believe that our actions impact those around us. We are committed to modeling and educating our community on how to use cannabis responsibly. We are committed to operating with the highest standards for compliance and safety.

Be Educative
‍Education is key when it comes to consumption. Without proper education and knowledge of cannabis products and the history of cannabis, we acknowledge that this can create potential problems amongst our consumers and community. We are committed to educating our customers and community through our well-trained staff, in-store kiosks, community outreach programs, and online programs.

Be Virtuous
We believe in valuing life and community over profit. We believe in accountability and ensuring that we are providing quality products that benefit our consumers. We are committed to valuing life and morals over profit.

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