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Jul 30, 2020

Dosing Guide

Dosing varies depending on your body, desired effect, tolerance levels. We often recommend to start with a low dosage and only increase from there. We're always happy to answer in-depth questions for you at the Jaderoom store.

Strain Types & Effects

CBD Rich - Promotes wellbeing and natural relief with no psychoactive effects.

Sativa - uplifting and

Sativa Dominant - a hybrid with a larger percentage of sative

Hybrid - combines the uplifting effects of a sativa strain and the relaxing effects of an indica strain

Indica Dominant - hybrid with a larger percentage of indica

Indica - provides a relaxing and often sedative effect

Delivery Modes

Vape Pens - vaporization is the fastest mode of delivery. The active ingredients are immediately absorbed in the bloodstream.

Drops - sublingual absorption

Soft Gels / Capsules / Edibles - goes through the digestive system

Flower - Activated by heat - absorption through lungs and bloodstream.

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