Frequently Asked Questions

*First Time Patients will need to email the Jaderoom location and attach their valid Driver’s License and Medical License (if applicable) along with a photo/ selfie with the ID for verification before delivery.*First delivery, will have to be paid by Pay tender. Once the order is placed, you will receive a text message with a link with directions to process your payment.

We hold online orders for 24 hours. After that time span, the order will be cancelled, and the product will be returned to regular stock and available to sell to another lovely customer.

Yes. Jaderoom accepts both debit and credit cards.

Unfortunately, No. You will need to be the one to pick up your order and present your valid ID and pay for your product.

We list all of our weekly specials as well as product promotions under our Deals page at the top of the navigation bar. You may want to take advantage of our running promotions. We update product promotions as they come :D! If you’re are subscribed to our email/SMS list, you will receive occasional emails on stellar deals opening up in the Jaderoom store.

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